About me

My Philosophy

I believe that music and play are integral parts of a healthy life. I believe that through creativity, we are able to learn new parts of ourselves, to see each other and ourselves in new ways, and to connect to others, creating beautiful new communities.


After working as a music therapist for many years, I have learned that music and creativity have the power to reach beyond our percieved limits. I have witnessed hospitalized children move beyond their illness in order to live in the world of play. I have seen children with disabilities move their bodies in new ways, or vocalize more fully than what they and others have thought they could. I have seen music connect people in new ways, as doctors interact with patients, caretakers interact with hospice clients, parents interact with their children.


I operate from these beliefs, fostering the healthy, creative part that lives within us all. I aim to make those who I work with feel heard and understood.


My Training and Certifications
Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

Licensed psychotherapist in New York State

Board Certified Music Therapist

Nationally certified in music therapy

My Story

Music has been a part of my life since childhood. Growing up, I played the french horn, and as I grew older, I found my passion in singing. Music has been a place for me to express, to explore, and to heal.


After completing my undergraduate degree in Human Development and Psychological Services, I spent a year working in an arts-based literacy program. During that time, I decided to look to music therapy as my career path, and I've never looked back. 


I came to New York to study Music Therapy at New York University, where I was able to learn more in depth how to use music in a therapeutic manner. I began working in children's hospitals, and witnessed firsthand how music reaches people of all ages and in all stages of life.


In 2015, I took a hiatus from New York, and spent several months in the Caribbean providing music therapy for children with special needs, hospitalized children and adults, and for people receiving hospice care. This only reinforced my belief that music is important for all, creating connection and community.


After returning to the United States, I began focusing on using music to bring people together, create community, and share in the joy of song. 


"I've been lucky to have worked with Kate in therapeutic environments and now in a preschool environment. Kate has a special talent with children. It's that rare ability to be a calming, nurturing presence while at the same time being absolutely silly and fun. Children are drawn to her because through her music she makes them feel seen, heard and important. Kate has an instinctive sense of how to make children feel special while they are having fun just being themselves." Mary B.

MA Music Therapy

New York University

BS Human Development and Psychological Services

Northwestern University

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Kate O'Brien

Music Therapist

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