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Music Groups 

Interactive music groups for children and parents. Come to current classes, or host your own! Possible group themes are listed in italics, but themes can be customized for your group.

Individual Music Therapy

Individual home-based sessions for children who have or are experiencing developmental or medical challenges. Sessions include playing instruments, movement and singing to work on fine and gross motor skills, communication, social skills, coping and expression.

Parent and Caregiver Community Circles

Child Development Educator Rosy Evans and Music Therapist Kate O'Brien provide a unique program for families. Incorporating elements of breath work, sound, and shared storytelling, families are offered an opportunity to relax, recharge and once again focus on their inner connections with baby. Community circles create a space for you to tend to your own inner garden, while taking care of baby. The groups offer guided mindfulness exercises, sound baths with movement awareness, gentle play and shared storytelling.


Music Groups
45 minutes each

Seedling Songs for Infants (0-12 months) and Caregivers 

Immerse you and your infant in music!  Interact with instruments, finger play, movement and singing.  Bond and play with your child while you foster and nurture important developmental skills. This group is a great way to meet other moms while also spending quality time with your child.

Interested in Hosting?

I would love to come to your home to provide music for your children and their friends, or to facilitate community circles for you and other parents! 

Toddler Tunes for Toddlers (12 months-3 years) and Caregivers 

This class incorporates movement and play with toddlers and their caregivers through live music.  Toddlers will be given the opportunity to play a variety of instruments, sing and dance, and explore sounds and movements. Musical activities are structured to support expression and play on a developmentally appropriate level.

Kid Composers (children 4-6) 

This class encourages children to explore music through song, dance, and the composition of their own musical creations.  Classes include exposure to various instruments, dance and movement, and plenty of singing.  Children will compose their own musical masterpieces.  A great class to continue to build your child's love of music, artistic flair, and foster important developmental skills.  

Lit Lovers (various ages)

A new book is introduced at each session, and music, art and movement activities are structured to reflect on characters and themes introduced. This class is designed to bring stories to life, engaging children’s senses and imagination.

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